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why do people suck so much?

whoever said it was a bad thing to hide your feelings? its a great way in reassuring that you wont get hurt and i can not take being hurt from anyone anymore. the situation that im in right now doesnt hurt me too much because i know if i really wanted it id put in more effort and be more aggresive. i really do like him but thats not why i am hurting. its just the fact that for once i thought i could end up happily with someone who lives in the same state as i do. well atleast i was smacked into reality before i really got hurt. and the pin smacked back as well. i hate people they are evil. these past few days have been a blur of "wtf?" for me.....

how can someone who made you feel so good at one moment make you feel like complete and utter shit the next moment?

i made a decision i dont give a shit about ANYONE anymore. its time for me to worry about taking care of myself and not the rest of the world.
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